First Arts@Artaud of the 2019/2020 school year a hit!

The Arts@Artaud events have been a staple to Arts and Humanities students for as long as we can all recall. Twice a term many get the chance to perform to their peers, some of us get the opportunity to be involved behind the scenes and most of us receive a free night of entertainment. These performances are not about grades or feedback but about showing an audience what we’ve been working on outside of the classroom. We can present what we love to do when we’re not working towards our degrees. University brings a tremendous world of change into a young persons life, we have all experienced this and if you are reading as a prospective student then you are about to – it’s a necessity to have a creative outlet to get you through your degree. I’m happy to say that Arts@Artaud has become this outlet for me and many of my colleagues too.

Watch the video below to see a supercut of all the performers from Ocotober’s Event:

Video filmed by Mabel Bodi and Savannah Roberts

Edited by Savannah Roberts

Performers in Order of Appearance:

Millie Thorpe, Max Randall, Tom Chandler and Guy Mannion as House Band

Aaron Tobi George

Jose Azul as Aceblooming

Sophia Mclean

GUAC! Jose Azul, Blanca Larralde, Teddy Knowles, Thomas Rybacki

Project R – Ruchard Lionel Richie MP

Zuza Gradzka and Guy Mannion

James Malone

Dee Egan

Don’t forget to come along to Arts@Artaud on November 20th, in the Antonin Artaud Theatre at 7pm!

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