Track of The Week – 29/03/19

Our third instalment of the Track of The Week series is a lovely track by second-year BA Music student Evita Kereviciute called ‘I Like It’.

The track is number ten on our MusicBru playlist over on SoundCloud – to see the full playlist click here or scroll to the bottom of this blog post.

‘I Like It’ is a laid-back, jazz-infused track that features beautifully smooth vocals and honest lyrics. Evita is one of the avid songwriters on the course and this track showcases her talent as the great lyricist that she is. The song begins with the sounds of rain as the main instrumental hook fades in, this sets a sweet foundation ready for Evita’s beautiful tone. The vocal doubling works perfectly in this instance and gives the vocals that extra punch. The song was produced by Evita’s fellow second-year music student, Jose Azul. Collaborations are always occurring between students from all different departments at Brunel, so many projects have been the outcome of students from differing creative backgrounds coming together.

Diamond Sessions UK posted the song to their Youtube, you can watch it below:

Evita’s Media Links:

Evita’s Instagram, Evita’s SoundCloud

Jose’s Media Links:

Jose’s SoundCloud, Jose’s YouTube, Jose’s Facebook Page, Jose’s BandCamp

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