Alter, Music Event at Brunel

Alter is an event led by second-year music students, the event showcases musicians of alternative styles whom have all pursued music in higher education. This event hopes to shed light on the matter of music in education and urge people to see the importance of music being taught through all stages of learning. We know that there isn’t as much of an emphasis on the creative subjects as there are on the more traditionally academic ones, and we seek to change that. Music is such a valuable and enjoyable skill to learn and there are countless career paths one can pursue with a music degree! Alter is going to be a night of celebration and awareness when it comes to the arts and how we perceive them in education.

The event will be on Friday the 29th of March 7pm, at Brunel University in the Antonin Artaud building in Room 001. If you’re interested in attending then let us know by registering your interest here on our facebook event page. Find below the promotional video to find out more!

We have six amazing acts lined up for our evening of alternative music: Meadows, Elias Dani, Dan James Griffin, Redwood, Louie and the Big Fish and Charlie Manister.

You can follow our instagram page here to keep tabs on what we’re getting up to!

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