Track of The Week – 22.03.19

We’re back again with another track of the week! So many people expressed interest in this new series after listening to Louie Marlow’s track ‘Secrets’, so we are very happy to keep the ball rolling!

This week’s track is slightly different as we weren’t able to get this particular song on our MusicBru playlist. The track is called ‘Unaware‘ by Jaffro (known on campus as Wil Pritchard), the amazing song is the eighth track on his recently released album titled ‘Mwy‘. You can listen to the full album on Spotify here! Jaffro had joint forces with Libertino Records to distribute his new material, hence why we weren’t able to get this particular track on our playlist! Listen below:

‘Unaware’ is a captivating track that pushes Jaffro’s vocals to the forefront of the track and really lets them shine. Throughout the entire album the vocals are well produced and beautiful sung but this song in particular he is in his element. In parts the song is suspenseful and this contributes to the atmosphere that Wil creates with sonic manipulations and pulsing instruments, it makes for a very unique and instantly distinguishable Jaffro track. To be able to create music that is so individual at the age of twenty is a testament to his writing as well as to his production skills. Throughout the album he pays homage to his Welsh roots by penning his lyrics in the language, it’s a lovely touch and yet another unique factor to his music.

This song is definitely a stand out on the record, but I strongly urge everyone to listen to the entire work of Mwy from start to finish. I, as well as many others, are eagerly awaiting what Jaffro does next!

Below is a link to Mwy on Spotify, and to Jaffro’s page on Facebook.

Jaffro’s Media Links:

Facebook, Instagram, SoundCloud, Spotify

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