Track of The Week – 01/03/19

As well as assignments, projects, and events on and off campus, students are composing original music in their spare time. The MusicBru SoundCloud page is a platform in which people from the department can host their original works, you can visit the page here.

As this blog goes up we have over 10 tracks on the playlist and we’re adding more every week so keep an eye out and check out everyone’s original music! What better way to begin our ‘Track of the Week’ series than with a song called Secrets by Louie Marlow.

Louie Marlow is a singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist from Birmingham. Currently living in London studying BMus Composition at Brunel University, Louie is specialising in Sonic Arts and Music Composition while writing and performing psychedelic-pop, indie rock, and post-punk influenced music.

Louie is very involved with all the art-related goings on at Brunel, in his final year alone he has put on three Arts@Artaud showcases, organized events in affiliation with the Hillingdon Music Festival, co-founded the Record Club, and most recently he performed as part of the Studio Brunel Band for the ambitious and successful production ‘Medea’. He is always pursuing several creative projects at any given time and on top of this he is writing and producing his original songs. So let’s talk about Secrets, listen below:

Secrets is a fun yet laid-back song that makes for easy listening, it’s the perfect track to introduce new listeners to Louie’s music. His lyrics catch your attention and are complimented beautifully by the array of instruments and effects that he builds up in layers to create his Psych-Pop sound. His vocals are smooth, blend well with the instrumentation and the harmonies are perfectly placed. I think this song encapsulates aspects of his influences such as Sandy Alex G and Sufjan Stevens as well as remaining a unique and authentic song. Louie’s music brings forward all the best elements of psychedelic pop, indie and post-punk music whilst bringing something else to the table that I’ve never heard elsewhere.

To listen to more of Louie Marlow’s music you can do so on his own SoundCloud page here. He has just released another captivating track called Junky.

You can follow his Facebook page here.

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